Photo credit Dr. Jessica R. Metcalfe

Nicholas Galanin

USA Rasmuson Fellow

  • Crafts
  • Traditional Arts
  • 2012

    Sitka, AK

    Tlingit/Aleut artist Nicholas Galanin describes his work as “contemporary multimedia work that transcends the familiar, time-honored iconography of Tlingit and Northwest Coast art.” He combines the traditional and contemporary in works such as Tsu Héidei Shugaxtutaan (2006), a two-part video in which a Tlingit dancer moves to a techno soundtrack, and a non-Native break-dancer interprets a Tlingit song. Galanin received a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Award in 2011.

    Wolf, 2009; photo credit Wayne Leidenfrost

    Wolf, 2009; photo credit Wayne Leidenfrost