Photo credit Christy Weiser

Kurt Weiser

USA Windgate Fellow

  • Crafts
  • Traditional Arts
  • 2012

    Tempe, AZ

    Kurt Weiser is a ceramic artist who works in the tradition of china paint on porcelain. Around 1990, Weiser first began painting on porcelain by covering a teapot with botanical imagery. He eventually started using color and incorporating narrative scenes drawn from both art history and his imagination. His mostly nude figures appear to float across the surfaces of his vessels within surreal, junglelike landscapes. In his most recent works, the images appear to blend so seamlessly with the shape of the pots that the vessels almost disappear and the depicted fantasies dominate.

    Blue Perfume, 2012; photo credit Kurt Weiser

    Blue Perfume, 2012; photo credit Kurt Weiser