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Kara Oehler & Ann Heppermann

USA Rockefeller Fellow

  • Media
  • 2011

    Cambridge, MA

    In their experimental audio documentaries, radio producers Kara Oehler and Ann Heppermann aim to document the stories of everyday America, from the tales of immigrants to the people making a living on the streets of Chicago. Their stories have aired on This American Life, Morning Edition, and, Marketplace, among other radio programs. Oehler and Heppermann are co-creators of Mapping Main Street, a participatory online documentary that re-imagines the country through stories, songs, and videos recorded on various Main Streets. Heppermann is on the writing faculty of Sarah Lawrence College, and Oehler is executive director of Media and Place (MAP) Productions, creators of an open-source platform for collaboratively producing and publishing immersive multimedia projects on web, tablet, and mobile devices.

    Mapping Main Street, 2011; photo credit the artists

    Mapping Main Street, 2011; photo credit the artists