Photo credit Bryan Murray

Annie-B Parson

USA Ford Fellow

  • Theater & Performance
  • 2012

    Brooklyn, NY

    Annie-B Parson is the Artistic Director of Big Dance Theater, which she co-founded in 1991 with Paul Lazar and Molly Hickok. She describes her work as “theater…that borrows liberally from dance,” and she has received commissions from dance and theater festivals and venues, including the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Walker Art Center. Parson has choreographed over 15 works for the company, including pure dance pieces and adaptations of plays and literature. In Comme toujours here I stand (2009), she adapted the classic Agnes Varda New Wave film, Cléo from 5 to 7, for the stage, presenting a day in the life of a pop singer as she waits to find out if she has cancer. She has received an Obie Award (2000), two Bessies (2002, 2010), and a Guggenheim Award (2007).

    Supernatural Wife, 2011; photo credit Christina Rogala

    Supernatural Wife, 2011; photo credit Christina Rogala