Portrait photo courtesy the artist

Chris Ware

USA Hoi Fellow

  • Visual Arts
  • 2006

    Oak Park,IL

    Chris Ware is a well-known cartoonist. He has been praised as a skilled designer, draftsman, and storyteller whose work achieves an unusual aesthetic and emotional depth. He is perhaps best known as the creator of Building Stories, a weekly comic strip that appeared in the New York Times Magazine from fall 2005 to spring 2006. He is author of The ACME Novelty Library, an ongoing series of self-published comics; Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth; Quimby the Mouse; and many other works. He has received the American Book Award (2000), the Guardian First Book Award (2001), and the “L’Alph Art” Award (2003). Ware earned his MFA from the Art Institute in Chicago in 1993.

    Lunchroom; photo courtesy the artist

    Lunchroom; photo courtesy the artist